The world is changing, technologies are evolving, ecological and energy transitions are the future of future generations, we accompany you in this beautiful adventure.


20 years of experience

for our group specialising in technical assistance and worker safety in France and internationally. Based in the south of France, we are present in all industries: petrochemicals, chemicals, nuclear, construction, food processing, metallurgy, wind power and renewable energy in the energy transition.

Technical assistance and engineering for all trades

We accompany you in all your projects through all the stages: Preparation, implementation and feedback.

Professional training

We offer you a complete technical platform of high competence led by trainers with a solid field experience.

Technical assistance and engineering for all trades on an international level

As the “mirror” of Heliatec SAS on the export market, we accompany you in your projects thanks to our international locations, which are now mainly on the African continent.

Assistance and engineering in nuclear and special risks

We support and advise you on all your conventional and non-conventional risk projects.

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Grand Paris Project

Grand Paris Project

Grand Paris Project HSE supervision service on the Sèvres tunnel.
ITER Project

ITER Project

ITER: View of the TOKAMAK building. Service: QA/QC – management of interfaces for qualitative tests on one of the Tokamak
The stabilisation of CORIUM

The stabilisation of CORIUM

Corium is a metallic and mineral magma made up of melted elements from the core of a nuclear reactor and


RADON screening campaign

RADON screening campaign

The radon testing campaign starts this autumn. The N1A EENI diagnosticians carry out the workstation study to evaluate the

HELIATEC makes its comeback

After several years of absence from the administrative bodies of the MASE Méditerranée GIPHISE association, HELIATEC has been
Total Pool PME

Total Pool PME

Total is committed to local economic development in France and abroad. In order to contribute to the development of French

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